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Black Forest Cream of Mushroom Soup, Vegan

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Happy Saturday,

Which to me totally feels like a Sunday.  I have to keep reminding myself that today is NOT Sunday.  The MAN is at work today and possibly tomorrow too, so that leaves me all alone to my thoughts and laziness.  I had been doing so good at walks and working out and the last few days I just simply don’t want to do a thing.  And I am embracing it completely.  My brother has been back in the hospital, this time diagnosed with sepsis (blood infection) and it’s not a great diagnosis.  A good percentage of the people who get diagnosed don’t make so we are just hoping for a quick recovery.  We will be heading down to cali for a few days to spend time with my kids, mom and brother later next week so the timing is good for sure.

But on to the soup.  I used a recipe online from the Joel Furhman camp.  It definitely appealed to me because we love mushrooms.  I made a few adjustments like adding liquid smoke and lentils instead of white beans but the rest was pretty much the same.  It pretty good but I would definitely NOT use so much juiced carrots.  It really takes on a cream of carrot soup taste because the recipe asked for 5lbs of juiced carrots (that was about 4 cups).


Black Forest Cream of Mushroom Soup, Vegan 

For lunch today I made myself some pimped out rice cakes with some homemade (oil free) hummus, roma tomato and avocado.  It was just too good.  Ended up having a third (no sense in letting good avocado go uneaten, right?) and then I was stuffed to the top.  I’ve been trying to eat more veggies and less fruit since I just don’t seem to handle the extra carbs.  I fear I may be a tiny bit “insulin resistant.”  I googled and googled and I have a couple of the signs but not the main ones.  So I might consider myself “pre insulin resistant.” I will fix the issue and the best way is to lose some weight and exercise.  SIGH!!!!! So much easier said than done.  I used to know how to lose weight,  so I’ll figure it out.


Okay, time for some chick flicks and some tea.


2 comments on “Black Forest Cream of Mushroom Soup, Vegan

  1. veganmama0516
    March 1, 2015

    Hi there my IG friend! I’m FINALLY over here for a visit – I made a nice salad and plunked down away from the fam for a bit so I could peruse. Nice site! I’m over at http://www.livegoodhealthblog.com. Your photography is fantastic – I love following you and your husband on IG. So I’m with you on the ‘not-handling-the-all-you-can-eat-fruit-buffet’. Give it a good 18 months but although I didn’t gain weight, I also didn’t find myself leaning out easily at all!! I’m doing much better now on a slightly higher protein ratio with very moderate fruit (compared to what I used to eat). I hear you sister! You’re gorgeous – you’ll find your way! Don’t give up, but also make sure that you celebrate where you’re at. You have a great support system in your husband. Would be fun to have tea together! Talk soon! Sherri @livegoodhealth

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    • Feasting on Sunshine
      March 1, 2015

      How sweet are YOU!! What is that, right, all these people eating fruit for days and as lean as they can be. It’s just not happening here. Like you, I could maintain but that’s NOT the goal. Definitely eating more veggies and less fruit and starch has helped me, I almost hate to say it. I love beans (your lentils look fab… Gotta try your recipe) but they make my tummy hurt if I eat more than 1/2 C worth so it’s all just a matter of learning what I can and cannot consume. I truthfully just wanna FEEL good. Losing a few pounds might help me feel good but maybe not too. I know juicing seems to be the best so I’m definitely keeping that going.

      How great Tea time would be…. You look like you’ve got plenty stories to tell! I hope your Sunday was great.

      Shannon. ☺️


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